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The Amazing Experience - Week 3

What a week loaded with so much fun and activity. In this week our team had multiple meeting. The first one was with the Head of the Orthopedics department at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH). At this meeting issues to do with Joint injuries were discussed and challenges being faced on the matter clearly stated to us. We also had successful meetings with personnel responsible for disinfection at QECH and Our clinical mentors to discuss about Ultraviolet Sterilization.

We also had Two Workshops in the week. On Tuesday (15 June 2021) our guest and speaker was Dineo Mkwezalamba from Dzuka Africa. We sat in a circular pattern and discussed on the topic “START ME UP”.

The workshop was fully geared towards successful entrepreneurship. We discussed on Business challenges, Marketing, Market scope, Revenue, customer hunting, Pricing and Bargaining. I personally enjoyed the workshop and learnt valuable concepts.

It was full throttle on the Entrepreneurship and Innovation topic with Dr Doug Sanyahumbi on the second Workshop (16 June 2021). He presented and we discussed on Invention, Innovation, Market technology, Entrepreneurship mindset and also Financial Viability. Dr Doug Sanyahumbi also taught us a lot about Intellectual Property and on what situations they can be implemented. During the workshop we also had a chance to discuss current trending issues in Malawi about innovation and Inventions.

On Thursday and Friday Our Team Went to buy some materials for making the UV Sterilization Unit. On this day we also started to assemble the UV Decontamination Unit. Also, we made a representation of how the Mechanical concentrator would look like.

Our team also managed to produce a working Movwili Prototype

The 3rd Week was full of lessons that will really help me in my journey as an Innovator

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