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The climax

Week 7 concluded on a high note with presentations of medium fidelity prototypes. The seventh week was overly intensive with limited time to produce prototypes meant to show functionality of all our three projects.

My teammates and I invested time and Monday was in part used for the prototype development as part of the day was used to attend a workshop to prepare us for public speaking.

Tuesday was the day when we hosted the United States ambassador to Malawi, ambassador David. He among many things sought to understand our projects and later invited us to chips, during lunch.

Wednesday prototyping continued with difficulties as some parts could not be available and our team run out of options but to improvise. The projects started taking shape except for one, oxygen analyser, which demanded extra time and expertise. Thanks to our teaching assistant Mr Brenald Dzonzi who came in to help, a lot won't be said because of the scope of this blog but one thing is clear this gentleman is a genius and well we learnt alot.

Week eight has already started as of 5pm on Friday with new set goals and ultimatums. We hope to finish our projects by this week and save week 9 for testing. It is on this note that your favourite biomedical engineer signs off and until next week its bye bye

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