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The Entrepreneur in An Innovator

Many times we seperate the two but this week concluded with proving to us interns that innovators actually make the best entrepreneurs. The workshop that was done by Dzuka Africa is the best part of my participation in week four. This is so mainly because I am an entrepreneur too and i co own the emerging Medical Engineering company, MedTech Africa. The workshop hinted on how best i could refine this idea and as everyone would expect I paid so much attention so as not to miss out on any point. The climax of it all was when we were asked to define the problems our businesses are solving and Quickly i rose to the Podium say "many African countries do not maintain their medical equipment" to my surprise we all came to a conclusion that this is merely a symptom and not the real problem and i have been tasked to find out the core problem, fascinating isn't it?

The other four days of the week were mainly focused on continuing with our ideas as we had to learn and apply decomposition of our ideas and from the decomposed blocks we brainstormed solutions for the three projects. This is a crucial step in the Engineering design Process as it gives birth to potential solutions to the problem. On Thursday the better part of the day was spent understanding screen and scoring matrix. As a demonstration of our understanding our team scored three ideas on a pen project and well a video was taken as a reference material for feedback from our Esteem Teaching Assistants. Overall week four has been fun and educational.

Dzuka Africa, Wake Up Africa, in conclusion this week will go into history as a week when my Makerspace idea for Thyolo district was Restrengthened and from real examples for the first time challenged myself to not give up and realize it no matter the cost.

Till next blog its your favourite Biomedical Engineer and Ubuntu advocate: Emmanuel Phiri Chauya

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