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The final touch

This week was very good but also very important for us as a team. It is the last week of prototyping and of course the last week of the internship. The prototype had to be presented before an audience with technical background on Friday of this week. This implied perfection of the work and making sure that the design criteria was properly addressed by our design.

Our team worked on the prototypes Monday through Friday morning with challenges as expected but above all we delivered. Our nebulizer was able to generate the aerosols, very fine aerosols although not tested but visibly different from those produced by the available nebulizers commonly used in the country. This gave us confidence during presentations knowing our design already is solving some of the challenges as faced with the current solution of the nebulizer.

Our second project, oxygen analyser, gave us serious challenges this week in which it was performing way better in the casing and when assembled performing poorly. On the last two days of the internship this was the work to get it functional. We were all excited as by the time we were presenting our oxygen analyser was able to read oxygen concentration, flowrate and indeed pressure.

The training kit as it was successfully implemented during the second week of the internship. We did not have many challenges with it as it was fully functional and also formed part of our milestones in the internship. At the end of the internship our team was awarded the award of a team which prottyped an original idea and implemented it smartly and innovatively because of this project.

Being the last week of the internship this blog would be failing if i do not mention Mr Chikumbutso Walani, Mr Brenald Dzonzi, the two bein our teaching assistants helped us a lot during the internship with their skills and personally i have benefitted a si have learnt alot from the two, the design studio manager Mr H. Lodzanyama and Miss Will Moyo should also be thanked for their organization skills and timely responses when their authority was sought on matters of internship interest. To everyone reading this, congratulations to you too for you and many others form part of the reasons I worked hard with my team in this internship to develop technology that can better our lives. From me your favorite biomedical Engineer it bye bye.

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