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The First All Nighter

Week nine has been exciting so much so that a mixed bag fits well to describe it

The week started with continuation of the signal amplification of the electrochemical oxygen sensor. This work took our two days of the week trying to use an Analog to digital converter onl to realize that the 12 bit sampling ADC could not capture our signal despite the datasheet indicating it would.

Maisha does not give up on its deliverables, we therefore migrated to Arduino MKR which is a 12 bit MCU but has the capability of being programmed to use the same 12 bit hardware and perform 16 bit sampling. This has also not worked very well for us as our beloved Teaching assistant Mr B Dzonzi and Mr C Walani advised the same would not sample the signal.With all the interest to have an oxygen analyser, our team has ordered two ADCs a 16 bit and a 24 bit so that we still finish this project.

Did I mention that by this week our team had successfully produced two level 1 prototypes of the nebulizer and the training kit? Well we did. This week also focused on scaling up these prototypes to level 2 medium fidelity prototypes. Presentations were conducted on friday to help stakeholders and others appreciate the progress. A Lot has been covered till this date but we strive to perfect our prototypes in the coming week. The same week will also focus on testing the prototypes. We cannot wait.

Well as we knocked of on friday our group was given a potenta, this is also a 16 bit MCU, therefore we will not have a weekend as we will invest the time in study of this MCU so that on monday our group cracks the oxygen analyser project.

Well so why all nighter? O thursday i had to on behalf of the group send a night 3D printing of our casing models for the nebulizer and the training kit. Although not successful with the training kit but the nebulizer was successfully done we therefore hope to demonstrate clean and smart looking and functioning prototypes come the Wednesday presentations.

Till next blog it's been your favorite biomedical engineer Emmanuel Phiri Chauya.

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