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The Gateway to Facing HealthTech introduction and adoption challenges in Malawi

Week three has been wonderful and fairly exhaustive. Having four assignments to accomplish as a group in developing a Design context criterion from worksheets that we compiled from research was challenging but worth the time and energy. Our group also was expected to come up with a project prompt on each and every project that we have. These were to be complemented with a presentation on each project. The work demanded concentrated efforts as a team and indeed helped to improve my teamwork ability. Working in isolation was not an option considering the complexity of the work.

Establishing connections also formed part of the exciting experience of the week. Meeting Engineer George and Engineer Vitu at NEST360 (as they loved to be addressed by that) was an important step in my growth in the biomedical engineering industry. These people in my view would form part of the next group of my friends that do not only meet to chill and eat but also to meaningfully discuss matters affecting the industry in the country as it still is in its infancy and indeed together form teams to solve challenges affecting technology introduction and adoption in the health sector in Malawi. These are people with vast experience in NEOTECH and the meeting with them this week helped us to realize how our projects are relevant to the Malawian setting and indeed their importance to biomedical engineers, biomedical engineering technicians, nurses and doctors. The need for an oxygen Analyzer that is made locally and affordable for example was their interest and as a team their interest is the energy we needed to move forward.

The week ended on a high note with a meeting in the boardroom where we discussed the design criteria and did exercises together with the other interns. We were requested to present our findings before the design studio staff and our colleagues. The feedback which was shared with us all from the Teaching assistants was interesting; the good and the bad were highlighted and we were tipped on good presentation practices. The climax of it all was the lunch where we feasted together as interns and their Teaching Assistance, the phrase “families that eat together stay together” was validated at this point. Now we retire for the weekend to recharge for week four.

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