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Greetings from the Warm Heart of Africa!!!

The MUBAS-RICE 360 Internship program is here!!!!

My name is Charles Takomana, one of the interns in the MUBAS-RICE 360 Global Health Design Internship Program and I love technology as well as Artificial Intelligence. My first week was amazing because I was introduced to a team that I had to work him with on three different projects, namely the Oxygen analyzer, Vein Finder, as well as finding a third project for our team, which is, after brainstorming, a drip monitoring system. After Orientation which was conducted by the Design Studio Technician, Wongani Msowoya, we got on with on our projects. We started to work in teams and it has been a wonderful experience because I've been introduced to new skills as well other amazing design software such as Autodesk Fusion 360 software which is used for making 3D designs.

We had an amazing Introduction to Engineering Design lesson which was facilitated by Ms. Will Moyo and a workshop on Needs Finding by Mr. Million Mafuta and Mr. Samuel Ng’anjo. What I took home from this workshop is to be able to observe as well as being able to write well scoped prompts. Did I mention there was a lot of food in this week? Lol. The beginning was fun. The projects exciting and challenging. This projects have kept me on the edge. The Oxygen Analyser has to measure Oxygen Levels. The Vein Finder has to be able to locate the veins. We will definitely make it happen because our team has hardworking, smart and intelligent people. We decided to name our Team Oxate because it’s a fancy name made from the projects we will be doing.

The best lesson for this week was, ”Learning never stops and knowledge is key”.

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