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Being a recent graduate in biomedical engineering, an opportunity to practice the same is not only hard to find but also a learning adventure that most people would seek.

I count it all joy to have been accepted into the Rice internship under the Design studio of Malawi University of Business and Applied sciences(MUBAS). The end of first week is already here and enormous strides towards enriching intern’s mental capacities in designing and innovation. Three projects have been assigned to our team which we have named MAISHA meaning life in Kiswahili, the projects assigned to us are: training kit, nebulizer and oxygen analyzer.

The first week mainly focused on getting to know fellow interns better, touring the design studio and introduction to the Engineering Design process. The first week covered work on clarifying the team assignment (CTA). This step helps us as designers and innovators to make sure we have an informed and decisive approach to the engineering problems rocking the world today.

Presentations within the week makes me revisit and rework on my communication skills also as the same are key to communicating with clients and potential sponsors. The internship as evidenced from the affairs of the first week is an adventure worth taking and of double significance first to the intern (as it is a source of various skill sets) and secondly to the engineering revolution as it gives an opportunity to the designers and innovators bring to life disruptive technology.

All hands on the deck for week two…...

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