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My name is MADALITSO FADSON, and I am a MUBAS-RICE360 global health biomedical internship program intern. The first week of the internship has been incredible for me because I was introduced to the team that I would be working with on the three projects: training kit, vein finder, and neonatal monitor.

MUBAS manager, Ms. WILL MOYO, and teaching assistants, Mr. Bernard Dzodzi and Mr. Chikumbutso Walani, gave us an orientation on the first day. We were divided into groups after the orientation. We eventually started working in groups, and it was a fantastic experience since I was introduced to amazing minds with new skills like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and 3D design.

Ms. WILL MOYO led us through a fascinating introduction to the engineering design process on day two. She underlined the importance of clarifying team assignments, which is the first stage of the END process. We observed that in order to comprehend the problem that the project is addressing, it is necessary to grasp the need, activities, and relevant consequences while developing a solution. In our specific teams, we defined team assignments for our projects. What I learned from this training is that I need to be able to communicate with clients and stakeholders, as well as grasp the purpose and aim of projects before delivering the final product.

The wonderland continued to be full of surprises on day three. Mr.Brenard Dzonzi supervised our project presentations, which were beautiful. Did I mention that these talks were entertaining? Lol. The seminars were both entertaining and educational. We examined the problem statement, impacts, methodologies, and stakeholders for our projects such as the training kit, vein finder, and newborn monitor in the presentations. It was fascinating to see myself in the presence of such brilliant minds. We learned a lot from our supervisor and other team members about how to make our presentations professional, how to speak in such a way that we always catch people's attention, and how crucial it is to stay to the time limit. In addition, fellow students taught me a lot about public speaking.

The internship has started off wonderfully and is proving to be a lot of fun. Imagine being discovered among individuals who think like extraterrestrials. The projects we have been assigned are both fascinating and hard. These initiatives will educate me in a variety of ways. Medical staff require essential abilities, a vein finder must be able to discover veins, and a neonatal monitor must be able to watch neonates. We will undoubtedly succeed because our team consists of devoted, industrious, smart, cooperative, and intelligent individuals. Because the standard and improved solutions to training kit, vein finder, and neonatal monitor (TRAVEINEA) are in our hands, we decided to name our group TRAVEINEA.

This week has taught me that while an individual can make decisions that lead to specific outcomes, a group is more effective at making constructive decisions.

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