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The Going Gets Tough or Is It?…..

This week started with presentations. We were required to make a presentation on what we had found out on the projects we were assigned. We met George Banda from NEST Warehouses who showed us a real working Oxygen Analyser designed by RICE University. This was a good progress for us as we now had an idea on what we need to develop. He also mentioned that Oxygen Analysers are only found in Central hospitals. Malawi has a lot of hospitals as such developing a low-cost Oxygen Analyser would be the solution to many in Malawi. This was exciting as well as challenging. We had a chance to visit our local on-campus Clinic on our second project, the Vein Finder/Locator. We saw how finding veins can be tedious and uncomfortable for some patients. My team and I are determined to solve this as well. Solving technical problems was easier than understanding the group dynamics. There were a lot of disagreements in this week for Team Oxate. However, we managed to solve them and this has made us stronger as a team. We understand each other better.

The Week demanded a lot of Mental Strength as it took a lot of brainstorming for the possible solutions to our problems, technically and socially.

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