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The Journey Continues

Hey there, its Doreen again. I hope you had a wonderful week because I had a great one and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Well now it has been 3 weeks into the internship I applied with Design Studios under Rice 360, and I really have learnt a lot. We started off with having eye opening workshops with a mentorship trainer from an Innovation Hub Dzuka Africa, namely Dineo Mkwezalamba. The workshop was called the Start Me Up program and it is an Entrepreneurship based program, to train start up and ongoing business on the challenges faced and ways on how to tackle them and establish a good market niche.

As an engineer it really is essential to know how to commercialize an idea and to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills and well as I said the workshop was really eye opening and it really gave me insight on many things. Another workshop followed that we had with Dr. Doug Sanyahumbi that tackled entrepreneurship and innovation in the opportunity assessment view where it is important to always find a loophole and refine it to be the best in the engineering and business field.

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