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The last but three step

This week started with showing signs of a people that are geared to wrap up and call it done. As you may be aware our internship has a timespan of 12 weeks and week 8 practically makes it to one of those weeks in the last phases.

This week is also week two of three of prototyping. With two of our projects taking a definite route, Maisha, our group remains with the pressure for one more project oxygen analyser. The building of an instrumentation amplifier has taken longer than expected. This has been ongoing for Three weeks now and truly time consuming. The knowledge gap and inadequacy of materials have necessitated this challenge, thanks to the teamwork there which in essence has helped to see our group getting expert support from other groups and indeed from practicing engineers to fill in the gap and provide Engineering expert opinions on why our system keeps failing.

As week 9 starts on the first of August we pride in the found direction of using an ADC to read our sensor values on our MCU. Come Friday we should highlight in this blog that now the analyser is working.

What hitted different also was the workshop on Friday. These workshops come with food which in all the working days is not there, that alone is exciting. Most importantly the workshop is adding meaning to my dream as a biomedical Engineer of starting production of medical equipment tailor made for Africa come 2025.

Dzuka Africa deserves a pat on yheir back for well planned and delivered entrepreneurship seminars and workshops. Its time to stop the Job hunt and create Jobs for fellow youths. MEDTECH AFRICA is the next big name in equipment manufacturing come 2025.

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