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The problem-solving journey

The second week got off to a hectic start. We started the week by learning how to define the problem space by conducting research utilizing the four problem space criteria of problem background, exploration of existing solutions, what governs the problem, and finally, the business perspective. On the same day and the following day, we performed various tasks to reinforce what we had learned. We held a workshop with Mr Million Mafuta later that week, on Wednesday, where he led us through the process of identifying needs and project scoping. The workshop was a lot of fun, especially because we learned how to discover difficulties by observing and interviewing people to come up with a need for a situation.

Our group had another thrilling encounter the next day when we met Prince Mtenthaonga, an epidemiologist with Rice360 and KUHES. We had a blast connecting with him and interviewing him. He brought to our attention a number of issues with our projects and assisted us in determining the best course of action for them. We finished the week by conducting actual research in order to create the Design Context Review document and our team's Work Reference document In preparation for the following week's presentation.

To summarize, the week was an eye-opening experience that taught me valuable lessons about examining problems before attempting to solve them. Next week appears to be only a day away since it appears to be so engrossing.

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