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Whew!! It’s been a long weeeeekk. This week was hectic honestly but was the most fun too. It started with presentations of our research on Monday. My group members and I met earlier(at around 7:30 AM) to prepare. The presentations started at 9:30AM and were very interesting and engaging. They ended at around 12:30 PM then we went for lunch. When we came back we continued with the third stage of the engineering design process; the design criteria. We started off with discussions and watching some YouTube videos and had presentations.

Tuesday we went deeper into the design criteria. On the design criteria there were some design aspects that couldn’t be quantified so we had to learn how to use a user defined scale to quantify those qualitative design aspects. We also learnt how to weigh our design objectives in terms of importance and were required to do this for our projects using a tool called PCC. After doing this we presented our results to everyone. Then to conclude the day we watched videos about problem decomposition and brainstorming which were the next stage in the engineering design process.

Wednesday morning we started with a short discussion on problem decomposition. We discussed how it is a tool for breaking down our problem into little manageable chunks. After this we were required to decompose our projects and present our decomposition process to everyone. In the afternoon we then entered the brainstorming session. This had us using 100% of our brains!!! We had to go wild on thinking of possible solutions for our projects. I thought it was an easy process but I was definitely wrong. This brainstorming session lasted the whole afternoon then we called it a day.

Thursday morning the brainstorming session continued, then my team members and I met to discuss our ideas and generated more ideas as we discussed. Then we met with everyone to discuss the next stage which was evaluating our brainstormed ideas to select the best idea to proceed. In the afternoon my team and I continued to discuss our ideas. After this we watched videos on how to select the final ideas and were required to film a video explaining how we understood the concepts.

Friday we had an entrepreneurship workshop with Dzuka Africa. Dineo Mkwezalama, the manager of Dzuka Africa, and Cuthbert Magawa the administrator hosted this workshop. The name of the workshop was StartMeUp which is a program run by DZuka Africa to teach young people how to be successful entrepreneurs.They had us thinking about our business ideas in a different view. It was a very interactive session and I personally enjoyed the workshop.

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