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The second week was great and amazing we started the week with watching video that help us better understand problem/context. After watching, we discussed all the categories with our Teacher Assistants (TA`s) concerning the projects.

The following day I did not come to design studio because I was not feeling good so I didn’t take part at any activity that was taking place there and at home I was worried a lot because I know I miss a lot that could be helpful and improved my skill and knowledge.

On 15 June we had workshop with Mr. M.T. Mafuta we spend the whole day at school of engineering building the session started at 10:00am and first of all will started by introduction were everyone introduced his/herself the name of group belong to and the projects you and your group members doing then he explain to us the steps for scoping a project site with a potential client and interview question to elicit problem while on site and how to scope for project: Real time fine tuning of project scope (scoping up/down/laterally) were we talk about scoping down example and other example of project that need to be scope then we also talk about scoping up example and other example project that need to be scoped up then scoping laterally and its example also other example of project or situation that need to be scoped laterally. After the discussion he give us a task that everyone should write one page document that will summarizing about observation, problem and need after the site visit and interview with stakeholder.

The following day we visited Prince at Queen Elizabeth central hospital (Rice 360) because we have an interview with him and we did met him and during interview we talk about problems, need and challenges they are facing concerning the project we had and from his point of view he gave us suggestions and idea. And the challenges face about oxygen analyzer he tell us that they get contaminated because of dust and oxygen analyzers available are of high cost also that the analyzers used by technicians have no alarm that can alert them about oxygen level analyzers they are using just have light emitting diode (LED) and display and on challenge on Neonatal suction is that some time nurse may go far than necessary as a result baby breed. After done with interview we go back to design studio were we end the day with design context review. And on Friday we continue with the design context review.

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