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Prototyping was all that was done this week, really. We had deliverables that needed to be completed by Wednesday, so we worked until the late hours on Monday. I had to stay late to laser cut our casing but the laser cutter malfunctioned and we didn’t get any work done.

On Tuesday we continued with the same issues and this time it was coming up with casings of our prototypes but because the laser cutter was busy( being used by everyone) and was also working very slow we didn’t get any casings done. We also had problems with the infared LEDs we were using to project veins.

On Wednesday we continued to prototype and put all our components together for presentations. In the afternoon we had one on one presentations with Will, Hilary and our TAs. We were given feedback and resized how much of a terrible prototyping experience we had the past two day.

On Thursday we had more deliverables to showcase so we continued working on those deliverables. Then at 4:30 in the afternoon we presented the work we had done all day.

On Friday Dzuka Africa came for another entrepreneurship workshop and we had learnt a lot about identifying our customers , our target market. We also reflected on our business model canvas. So far this week was a hectic again but it was fun and such an amazing experience.

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