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This week was uhm different I don't know how but yes! So…Monday we were busy trying to meet the deliverable we had on Tuesday…so basically nothing was really working because with the Oxygen analyser the amplifier options ran out and we opted for just ordering an amplifier and for the others we couldn't print the Casings because the 3D printers were occupied. Anyway stress on stress!!

Tuesday came! So basically the nebulizer was the only project functioning and for the training kit our group didn't have the capabilities to design the one we wanted. So we had to find someone to help us with it. On Wednesday we were now aiming at meeting the Friday deliverables and on the training we found someone…to help us and also order higher resolution ADC for the Oxygen analyser and put us on hold until they arrive.

Thursday we started printing and the nebulizer Casing was taking 19hrs so which meant one of us had to stay till late. And the other part started printing and stopped mid way….had to restart and then iih ma stress! Village people adah!

The 19hr printing also went wrong! Village people aah! So we basically have to print it again and another 19hrs or more I guess so yahh!

Overall, this week was stressful and also literally worked under pressure!

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