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We cracked it

Tgis week has been fun with lots of achievements. What is worth highlighting though is the fact that we managed to get the ixygen analyser working. The only challenge is that after making it work we found out that the performance is not as impressive owing to the fact that the oxygen sensor has lots is sensitivity and as per the math we used it gets saturated at 70%. We need to calibrate it therefore so that is gives us the true readings even above 70% as compared to the gold standard {max O2}.

It is in this week also that we were visited by prof Green from the US and many more visitors with him who had particular interest to see our devices. We demonstrated them and as they put it the work we are doing is impressive

Mr Davide Pantaleoni the cofounder of Sottosopra Malawi David organization which is an italian based amalawian organization came to take a look of our designs too. He is particularly impressed and upbeat of a good future.

It is in our interest to test and have the devices approved for use in our hospitals. We remain optimistic that even after the intership our team will find possibilities to have these products produced.

One more week to go and in this week we focus on clinical testing, until then its bye bye from your favourite Biomedical Engineering, Emmanuel

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