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The week started out with excitement as it was the last of our amazing internship. As a team, we have high expectations for ourselves to meet the elegance of all of our prototypes. In the early hours of the morning, I was working on the vein finder's design. The vein finder cover could be 3D printed, but we had problems with the Noir Camera and Raspberry Pi. In the afternoon, the design manager, Mr. Hillary Lodzanyama, offered us a second Noir Camera, but when we tried to connect it to the Raspberry Pi, it didn't work.In addition, we were able to 3D print the case for the Laparoscopic Training kit.

The TA advised us to try another Raspberry Pi and set it up with the new Noir camera we had begun using. Eventually, the new Noir camera worked, but we encountered issues with the casing because it was made for the Noir camera we had previously been using and because the angle we had developed for the Noir Camera was much larger. The desire to at least have the Noir Camera running again in time for the afternoon presentation permeated the first part of the following day. In the afternoon, we gave presentations to the technician for the Design Studio and the manager of the Skills Lab.

On Wednesday, all of the parts of the laparoscopic training kit were assembled and functionally checked. In addition, we followed our country design studio manager's instructions to update our digital notebook to a professional quality. We were synchronizing the DLP projector and Raspberry Pi in the afternoon to reduce the noise that the Raspberry Pi supplied to the projector. Other Jumpers were used, but they had no impact on the noise that was visible on the projector.

On Thursday, we arrived at the Design lab as early as we could to start working on the vein finder. As a result, we were able to 3D print the Vein Finder container and make the DLP projector perform with weak signal noise. In the late afternoon, we were working on the power supply and charging system for the newborn monitor. The vein finder's components were then assembled and given functionality.

On Friday, the final day of the internship, I was quite happy because all the prototypes had already started to work. In the early hours of the morning, we worked on the digital workbook, the testing phase, and upcoming plans for the laparoscopic training package and the vein finder. Then we began cleaning our prototypes to maintain their appeal. In the afternoon, we presented our final set of prototypes to Ms. Will Moyo, Mr. Hillary Lodzanyama, TAs, Design Studio Technicians, and our fellow MUST interns. It was great since everyone admired how useful our prototypes were.

It has been enjoyable to work on a variety of projects. I have gained a lot of knowledge and this internship has changed my life. The wonderland was challenging, but I came away with fresh knowledge. I am more skilled than ever at designing now. I want to thank you for spending the last 12 weeks with me until we meet again. God's blessings on you

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