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Work, Work and More Work

Hey! Once more, I'm Emmanuel Ngwala, and today I'll be discussing my experiences during the third week of my Rice360 Biomedical Internship.

The most worn-out I've been so far was this week. Our crew met Maureen and Kingsley, two biomedical engineers working with Rice, at the beginning of the week, which got off to a busy start. They helped us with the technical components of our projects and gave us advice on how to think technically when designing. Later that day, each team was busy getting ready for presentations that were set to happen the following Thursday. Every team member was focusing on a distinct area of our projects. The meeting with a stakeholder from the Rice360 that was scheduled for Tuesday was moved to Wednesday, so we used the full day to conduct research and prepare our design context review documents and project prompts.

We continued the job we had begun the day before on Wednesday. Along with the project prompts, we kept conducting research and creating our design context review documentation. Later, it was announced that because most groups weren't ready, the presentations that were supposed to take place the following day would now take place on Monday of the following week. We met with George in the Nest360 warehouse at 3 o'clock, and he went through some additional technical aspects of each of our projects. By the end of the meeting, we were able to comprehend the approaches we should apply while designing the projects we were given.

We spent the entire day on Thursday drafting the project prompts and the design context review documents, making it by far the most laborious day. We found on the same day that the workshop scheduled for the following day had been postponed, which disappointed most of us. On Friday, we wrapped up the week by learning about design criteria, with a particular emphasis on how to translate project features into qualitative elements so that we may assess the degree to which an attribute has been satisfied.

Although most of this week was spent producing documents and conducting research, it was nevertheless a terrific week for understanding our topic in depth.

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