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You are so close to winning; don't give up right now.

The last week finally started. This week, the major feelings experienced were pressure to deliver final working prototypes, relief that the internship was coming to a conclusion, and exhilaration.

The 3D case for the laparoscopic training kit was completed on Monday after roughly 40 hours of printing. This time, the design appeared more elegant and the size was smaller. The veinfinder's case was also finished, and the final week of the project looked hopeful. We started using the 3D printer to produce the final two components for the training package. We also received word that a surprise farewell lunch for our manager, Will Moyo, was planned, and that we were required to keep it a secret.

We discovered on Tuesday that the 3D print for the remaining components of the training kit had malfunctioned, so we opted to reprint it. This was scheduled for the following day because it was projected to take roughly 9 hours. We later no had presentations with Joshua and brian who encouraged us to press on as we were drawing to an end and they highlighted some other things we had to improve on and commended us for the other improvements we did. We wrote some of the good things we thought about our boss in the afternoon, just before we knocked off, and we had them framed as a gift for her.

The casing was eventually finished on Wednesday, but since the angle we anticipated for the vein finder was incorrect, we chose to reprint the whore casing. We had a farewell lunch with Will at noon, during which everyone bid her farewell and gave her best wishes. We enjoyed a delicious meal of pizza, beverages, and cake. We immediately resumed prototyping after lunch to wrap off the day.

On Wednesday, all of the parts of the laparoscopic training kit were assembled and functionally checked. In addition, we followed our country design studio manager's instructions to update our digital notebook to a professional quality. We were synchronizing the DLP projector and Raspberry Pi in the afternoon to reduce the noise that the Raspberry Pi supplied to the projector. Other Jumpers were used, but they had no impact on the noise that was visible on the projector.

The week's most thrilling day was unquestionably Thursday. We put the parts together to create a finished, functional gadget after finishing the laparoscopic training kit's entire shell. We were encouraged by this and made every effort to finish the outstanding tasks. To ensure that we had full casings for each of our successful projects, the veinfinder's casing was likewise completed.

The focus of Friday's final day of the internship was presentations. I dressed appropriately for the final presentation. As soon as all of our devices were placed in their gorgeous casings, the day became even more thrilling. This gave us more self-assurance, which enabled us to deliver incredibly strong presentations. Our managers Will Moyo and Hillary Lodzanyama, our teaching assistants Chikumbusto and Brenald, the design studio technicians Brian and Joshoa, and other interns from Malawi University of Science and Technology(MUST) also attended the presentations. At the conclusion of the presentation, our team, TRAVEINEA, won the award for best teamwork..

I've gained a lot of knowledge through my internship. Through this internship, I have expanded my knowledge and talents, formed many new relationships, and been presented with numerous opportunities. The engineering discipline is the most valuable thing I have acquired, and I believe it will greatly advance my career. I can now understand what it's like to be an engineer because of this internship. I intend to advance these projects going ahead and address more global challenges.

I would like to express my gratitude to Will Moyo and Hillary Lodzanyama for giving me the opportunity to participate in this internship and for helping me grow into the innovator I am today. Not to be forgotten are my team members Dalisto, Madalisto, and Innocent who worked extremely hard throughout the internship as well as our teaching assistants Chikumbusto Walani and Brenald Dzonzi together the design studio managers Joshua and Brian who were always ready to support us through the challenges we experienced.

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