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Our Programs

The Design Studio operates programs that are designed for students and community members who are passionate about creativity and entrepreneurship. The programs are open to all full-time degree, diploma or certificate seeking students from MUBAS or any school, as well as STEM enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from the community.

Malawi Innovators Design Competition (MIDC)

For the truly committed student/community innovators looking to showcase their ideas to the public and network with like minded people and potential investors while competing for monetary prizes

Launched in 2017, MIDC is a one-day event  that concludes weeks of design and prototyping of innovative solutions by student/community innovators. MIDC provides networking, mentorship, and showcase platform that promote exposure of local innovative solutions and youth-led start up ventures across Malawi. MIDC welcomes all kinds of projects ranging from education innovations to technology development.

Undergraduate Global Health Design Internships

The internship program is an opportunity for engineering students to engage in experiential learning and implement innovative technology solutions to address unmet needs

The internship is an 8-week immersive learning experience with the goal of allowing students to tackle global health design challenges in a real-world setting. Through the internship, students improve their understandings of the constraints under which healthcare is provided in resource-constrained settings and design innovative solutions.

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