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Terms of Use

SECTION A: Eligibility and Access

  1. MUBAS students, graduates, faculty, other community members are eligible for membership at the MUBAS Design Studio.

  2. Access and use of equipment are restricted to members and staff of the Design Studio.

  3. Operating hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

SECTION B: Safety and Behavior

  1. Please report injuries/health/safety incident to the manager or staff of the Design Studio.

  2. Please alert staff of the Design Studio if you see a potential safety hazard.

  3. Please report if you see someone misusing tools and machinery.

  4. Please be aware that there are video cameras to ensure the safety of our tools, equipment, staff and members.

  5. Members must wear appropriate protection gear at all times in the studio to avoid injuries or any other health related hazards.

  6. Members should adhere to the following dress code rules:

    • No loose clothing or jewelry shall be worn when operating machinery or powered hand tools. 

    • Do not wear open-toed footwear. 

    • Clothing should be workplace appropriate.

    • Long hair and beard must be tied up and be kept away from machinery.​

  7. Members should adhere to the following rules regarding behavior:

    • Do not operate the machinery under the influence of drugs and substances.

    • Members must be present when operating a machine. Avoid distractions when operating machinery

    • Food and drinks are prohibited from the Design Studio work areas.

    • Use of headphones or earphones is not permitted if it prevents a member from being aware of their surroundings.

    • Members should keep their work areas clean at all times as cluttered or dirty work spaces can cause accidents.

    • Members should seek help/guidance from staff before using equipment or tools in the Design Studio.

    • Members should respect all the safety rules for a safe work environment for everyone.

SECTION C: Use of Tools and Machinery

  1. Only trained and authorized members are allowed to operate machinery or hand tools.

  2. Members must return equipment and hand tools to their default positions and storage locations when they are finished working.

  3. Members must never leave running machinery unattended.

  4. Machinery should never be tampered with unless the modification is within normal operating parameters.

  5. Operation of all machinery will require a training lecture and a hands-on walk through of equipment.

  6. The use of Design Studio equipment for fixing faulty gadgets or any other device is prohibited.

  7. Members are charged for damaging materials during experiments if safety rules were not followed.

SECTION D: Borrowing and Use of Materials
Members should adhere to the following rules regarding the borrowing of materials:

  1.  Only members whose membership is active are eligible to borrow materials/components in the Studio. 

  2. Members shall only use the borrowed materials inside the Design Studio space.

  3. Members are not allowed to modify in any way the components that have been borrowed for a single day's use. Prohibited modifications, among others include, cutting, soldering, welding, gluing, etc. 

  4. Members shall be responsible for reimbursement of the full cost of borrowed materials that have been damaged as a result of lack of following proper procedures of use.


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