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The Design Studio offers workshops in a variety of technical areas and tech topics for students as well community members interested in working on their entrepreneurial and passion projects. Our goal is to empower our community to make and innovate, and that usually starts with learning new skills. 

From Computer Aided Design (CAD) to software development to digital fabrication, we offer workshops for all types of users, whether you’re pursuing a diploma, bachelor’s or just a STEM enthusiast from the community. Some users are seeking to become experts in design and others are looking for skills they can use to amplify impact in their field of study.  Our project-based and experiential workshops are organized into series where users can participate in continuous workshops string together to get a deep dive in a specific skill, or just participate in a once-off workshop that most interest you.


Check out our calendar below to see our workshop schedule, or browse our different series to get an understanding of continuous workshops put together to focus on a specific skill

Series Workshops

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